Link Specializes in Assisting Companies Becomes Online Success Stories.

Link’s domain, hosting services and website tools help brands build their online presence aggressively.

In this day and age, it is no longer an option for any sensible and aspiring, company to have a website. It is a necessity. It serves as a company’s foremost presence online. Certainly, having online social media accounts across different platforms, technically counts as online presence. However, even if a company has thriving social media accounts, having a website lends credibility, legitimacy and professionalism to a brand online. comes through a single idea, a Dream to meet all Business’s Needs. Specially In Kurdistan, Iraq, UAE and broader Middle-East in which the missing link to outside world for small startup companies and local NGOs was the online platform through proper presentation across organized online platform which knows how to introduce these kinds of companies to the well-developed global online platforms by achieving technically secure, business design and simplified website hosting and domain registration. was effectively created to assist SME companies and large NGOs in establishing their active online presence, while helping them with there IT needs such as VPS and clouds. It’s state of the art data center and the High-End security features will guarantee to satisfy their needs adequately in a state of the art cyber-security system.

Therefore, companies seeking building websites, offers domain name registration, web hosting, SSL certificates and other website unique tools and services that can help establish brands online.
For their domain services, companies can order a new domain, renew their existing one or transfer their domain to
In hosting area, offers different impeccable hosting plans to suit any company’s needs.

All of Linkdata’s hosting plans come with 24/7 customer service. With guaraneed full customer satisfaction also offers network and infrastructure services, It can perform comprehensive site surveys of a company’s premises and using existing hardware and cabling where possible, map out and install IT solutions, ranging from a single user to sophisticated multi-user networks in a very cost effective manner to customers. likewise offers full-stack cloud services, with a host of products and features to insure that all of a company’s online business needs are met.Their customized servers provide flexibility,security and control.Their virtual Private Servers (shared servers) offers excellent SSD-based or SAN storage. Their virtual dedicated server (VDS) allows for on-demand provision and control.

Link’s custom colocation solutions provide businesses the support they need for their brand to thrive online. Their colocation’s services includes physical security, networking, power and cooling components. Lastly, using their existing internet connections, Link’s VPN network lets companies securely connect several locations to the clouds, allowing all work places to access applications.

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